The Complete Facial Kit For Permanent Solution


Face Treatment STEP 1

Apply a Thick layer of the black mask(Avoid Eyebrows & Hair Edges)

Face Treatment STEP 2

After Removal Of The Black Mask(As Seen Above) Massage the face & apply The 24k Golden Serum Evenly.

Apply evenly to close up Facial Pores, Get Rid Of Pimples & Even Skin texture.

Benefits Of Facial Kit Function:

1. Reconstructs damaged barrier:

Mechanism: Tissue reconstruction & surface regularizing

2. Clears persistent scars

Mechanism: Melanin dispersion & erythema constriction.


#1 Facial Kit

How Much Does It Cost:

?To Get the Complete Facial Formula? Of:
? Black Off Mask ?+ 24k Gold ? Serum = Permanent Results.
Combo Full Facial Kit? Pack= N9,000✅ Save N2,500.


"This product is NOT just KNOWN to NAFDAC, it also has International APPROVAL by FDA, CHS, and HALAL so you can use it without fear!

900 Reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐....

Susan L.

6/17/2021 ✅Verified purchase

My skin is definitely more stable now, no more bad breakouts, I can feel my skin get smoother and brighter, no more bumps that I could feel previously when washing my face. I stop breaking out as often. I am really grateful that 24k Golden Serum & The Black off Mask cleansing mask can work so amazingly, as previously I needed like ridiculously 10 steps of routine, I am getting lazier to even apply toner and serum right now. Recently, I started adding toner and serum after Green Tea Mask, surprisingly, it doesn't cause any breakouts (relieved). But on and off, I will still skip toner and serum as I am lazy, just Green Tea then sunscreen in the AM and another in the PM.

I am really happy with Green Tea Mask, but I am still hoping it help to lighten the red marks and scars left from my bad breakouts. Overall, I am really satisfied with the results. My skin is definitely getting better, although it is still far from my expectation, but I believe by using it consistently, I can achieve the result I wanted.

Amarachi O.

6/16/2021✅Verified purchase

24k Gold Skin care is the one I’ve been waiting for so long. Green Tea works miraculously to my face. It helps alleviate the unwanted rashes that I usually have during Hot Weather. I just started using decalt and I see some changes into my pores. I let my husband use Black Mask and he observed same things too. 24k Gold Serum & Black Mask Mask, helps tighten my skin. I’m happily satisfied with The Serum and their products.

Look 6 to 8 Years Younger

Start Using Today

Getting more than one package will multiply your Results.


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