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Owning An Online Super Market Business Requires Real Work, Real Business Dealings & Results To Real Income.


Meeting The Co-Founder

Hello New Members,

My name is Kehinde Bolaji O., I am a Co-founder of Owning A Super Market Business .

I personally welcome you all.

Business in the Past Few Week

I have been so Busy since on Saturday, Making Sure Orders Are Met & Delivered.

During the Past week/7Days We Got Over 65 orders for Female Products & Kitchen appliance(And Few Orders From Health). Each Products gives Us at Least N4,000 to N12,000 in Profit . (Let's Do the Least Maths: N4000 x 65= N260,000 in Profit once delivery is Completed). All From Our Super Market Business.

How Lucrative & Real Is Owning A Super Market Business With Phone

Owning A Super Market Business is the Most Lucrative & Flexible Business everyone is Advised to Join in.

The best Things about this Business are :
1. You do not Need To Rent A Shop.

2. You do not need To Buy Products and Stock Them Up.

3. You do not need to Spend money on transport fare going to The shop Daily.

4. You do not Need Huge Capital To Start Up.

5. You do not need to spend Much time in operation & Dealings.

6. With Just one Product you Pick & Familiarize yourself with, Can make you alot of sales, a lot of money.

7. Secondly, You are not stuck with one product . If one product is not selling You have Over 10,000 other Products To consider( FEMALE PRODUCTS HAS MADE ME OVER 5million naira in Profit Within the Past Year, Not To Talk of Smart Gadgets & Kitchen Appliances).

8. Now: the Most Amazing of all is : With the Super Market Business kits & Access Tools , you have over 50 million Nigerians willing to Buy From you & Pay Cash. 50 million Ready Customers.
Secondly, You Can Sell To Anyone Anywhere In Nigeria without Leaving your Comfort or Leaving your workplace or School.

Isn't It Amazing!!!

How? You may Ask. I Assure you it is Real Fact:

An average business only Needs About 500 active Customer to Make Over 6 Million Naira Yearly.

Out of 50million Customers in Nigeria. You only Need 500 Customers To Buy Once in a Year To Make Over 6million Naira.

With the Super Market Business Kits And Access Tools:

√ You'd be hand Held Every Step Of the Way.
It's a 99.9% Risk Free Business. Everything you need will Be Made Available to You.

• You can Start Up the Business From Anywhere.

• You do not need any Certificate Or Prior Experience To Start.

• You do not Need A Computer Skills or own Laptop.

√ We Have Everything Structured Out For Your Success in this Business.

Let me Talk About one or Two Products of the The 10,000 Products Available in Our Access Tools:

First One Is The New Ultrasonic Washing machine (For Washing the Dishes & washing Wears) Under Smart Homes Gadgets.

Check Video Below ???

Now This Product serves a need in Every Home, Every mother, Single ladies, Father, Traveler, Single Man etc.

The New Ultrasonic Washing machine (For Washing the Dishes & washing Wears)

At Some point every one wish they Had Someone or Something to help the Wash the Plates and Do the Laundries.

This Product is Available to Super Market Business Owners At warehouse Price of N7500 And You Can Sell For As Low As N15,000 to N18,500 making You N7,500 in Profit Per Sale.

You can see Even You Need the Product in Your Home and You can Also Think of A Number of People that needs it.

Before I Continue : If You are Getting Me So Far: Signify By Click The Button Below???

Risk-Free Business

This Business is For Anyone & Every one :

  • √ For Extra Income earners
  • √ Student.
  • √ Unemployed.
  • √ Unemployed.
  • √ Stay At Home Mum.

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Phone: 080 - 8500 - 6170

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