Start-Up Phase

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Before I proceed with the Second Product.

I'll like to share my early Experience & Dealings with my Super Market Business(Starting Up Without Guide & Access).

In the Beginning...

Start-Up Without Guide Or Mentorship

I started My Online Super Market Business Around November 2016.

I had no one to hold my hands, so I figured things out Alone.

I Paid Over N250,000 Naira To Learn How To Reach 50million Customers to Make Sales Everyday.

The learning Phase was excellent, the Challenge I had at the moment after learning, was Knowing what to sell in my Super Market Business.

I had to sought out Huge Capital To Begin importing Goods from China, one at a time. I waited for Over 90days plus for goods to Arrive.

At the Moment: I had only 3 products in My store only 3.

The list Of the 3 Products I sold in 2016:

1. Power Belt aka Waist trainers(Give Female that Figure 8 shape easily)

2. Revoflex(An Exercising Kit Used by men & woman to gain flat tummy, six packs, Shaped Butt & other Physical Body Benefits)

3. OBD 2 Car Diagnosis Scanner ( A Smart Car Product use To Check Faults in Cars).
Check Video ? & Picture of this Products Below this Article ???

Product 1: The Power Belt Aka Waist trainers 

Extreme Power Belt Aka Waist trainers advertisement video & Pix

Product 2: The REVO-FLEX Exercising Kit

Product 3: The OBD 2 CAR Diagnosis Scanner

Start-Up Challenges

Sales Was Great However, there were Challenges: Some of the Challenges I faced Were:

1. I have Limited Stock of Good Available ( I can only Sell what I have, I lost a lot of customers)

2. Shipping: To get goods shipped from Asia to Nigeria Can take up to 3 months depending on the weight of your goods, Shipping cost was expensive(Imagine waiting 3 months plus Before you start selling).

3. NAFDAC & Custom Clearance wahala: Beside Paying the huge cost for Shipment & Waiting, the Nigeria Customs inspect goods, at some point you couldn't import Hot selling Products without paying extra For NAFDAC.

4. Not Flexible: The 3 Products I had where out of Season, Sales Dropped Drastically. I remember staying on one shipment for Over 4months Compared to Something I use to sell off Within a Month.(Start Up without Guard No Easy).

5. Delivery issues: I had to always relay on some Poor performing/Time wasting logistics company, who sometimes take days to deliver a single product to a customer, by the time they get the goods to the Customer, the Customer don spend the money. That Is Bad Market.

Super Market Business Start up wasn't easy.

I Truly wish I had a Platform willing to Guide Me, Hold My Hands, and Teach Me How To Get Customers With Free & Sponsored Advertisement (without Spending Close To 300k to Learn).

A platform gives me Access To Over 10,000 products to Choose from, so I do not need to spend time & money importing Goods & Paying Extra For customs.

A Platform that provides me with list of Fast Active Logistics companies without having to Rely on Any Under performing Time wasting logistics company.

It is well. I am Telling you with all Honestly... For Business Start Up, Any Business Start up it is Not Easy... If you don't waste time, you will waste money and if you don't spend money & Excessive Time You have not Really started.

In Fact Most Business Start Up without A Guide, ends Becoming a Failure. No matter the amount of Time, Money & Effort invested in it.

From my Experience: If you see the Opportunity of learning & being mentored on how to start any Business Successfully. I'll strongly advise you Engage & Learn. By Saving yourself time money & the whole Try & Error Procedure.

Let's Continue With Our Next Hot Selling Product.

Our Second Hot Product with High Sales this Week Is The New Power Saving Streaming Iron.

With the Current Distribution of Prepared Meter & Poor Power Supply, People have become conscious of Using High Consuming Pressing iron & Time wasting iron...

However, with the New Power Saving Steaming Iron, You don't only Save Power while Pressing your Clothes... You also Save time & Get Better Ironing Results.

Every Home needs this, Every Working Class Needs this, Every parent with Children Going to school needs this.

Over 200 pieces has been sold Within the past 14 days...

This Product is Available to Registered Super Market Business Owners for N8,500 & you can sell for as Much as N17,500 .

Register Now To Start Selling.

There is One Product that Never seems to Have season, it Sells the Hottest anytime anywhere.

Heavy Duty Copper Coil Blender

The Heavy Duty Blender For Blending Hard & Soft Ingredients. Blending Hard Beans to Powder Form, Blending Fruits For Smoothie ?, Grinding Meat for Meat pie, Grinding tomatoes and peppers and Many More.

The All in One Heavy Duty Blender is Available for Registered Super Market Business Owners at warehouse Price of N18,500 and you sell for As Much As N32,500.


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